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Token System in OPD

Hospitals have always used queues at their premises; this makes visiting hospitals a very painful experience for the patients. It is important to ensure that the wait-time is less and the waiting experience is better. In digital token system; first, patients will be given token number. The patients having token number will get OPD File. When a screen at counter displays the number, the patients will get Consultation with doctor. This system helps to end woes of patients standing in long queues for getting Out Patient Department (OPD) services.

Critical Care unit:

  • BAPS Shastriji Maharaj Hospital is having State of the art ICU with all modern equipments. Round the clock qualified doctors are available in the ICU. Each ICU bed is in cubicle form which help in minimizing cross infection. We have dedicated and advance burns care unit with Complete Positive pressure to avoid infection in severely burns patient.
  • We have separate Isolation ICU with negative pressure to take care of epidemic like Swine Flu

Operation Theatre

Our OT complex has 4 dedicated Operation theatres with HEPA filters and positive pressure system to prevent any infections.

24x7 Diagnostic services:

BAPS Shastriji Maharaj Hospital is having in-house pathology and radiology department with the latest technology


  • We have 16 slice CT scan machine to take care of all complex scans including angios.
  • We have dedicated 2 Sonography machine to take care of diagnosis all sonography and Doppler.


Siemens Mammomate 3000 Nova Mammography system


  • We have Beckman Coulter machines for Heamtology, Immunoanalyser, Biochemistry Analyser.
  • We have separate ABG Analyser, Electrolytes Analyser for rapid reporting during crises.
  • We have dedicated machines for routine investigation.


The MULTIMOBIL 5E is a value –focused C-arm IITV system suited for all Orthopedic studies and ICU utility. The user friendly memory device and clear image quality make it a very good value-to-feature C-arm system in many operation theatres. It is equipped with a High Frequency X-ray generator with powerful output parameters for Fluoroscopy or Radiography to cater to any type of patients.

  • Remotely controlled memory modules
  • Steering handles for free lateral movement in either direction
  • Automatic dose rate control

Centre for Accident & emergency

The centre boats state of art ICU on wheels Ambulance equipped with patient monitoring system, transport invasive and non invasive ventilator and Defibrillator.

A comprehensive accident & emergency department for patient care support by a well coordinated road evacuation service that is easily accessible through a dedicated entrance and has a ramp to facilitate the transfer of patients on stretcher and wheelchairs.

Trauma centre, the unit has;

  • A large treatment room with operative table, lights and anaesthesia machine
  • A plaster room and isolation room
  • Patient monitor, ventilator and portable X-ray, Sonography machines.
  • Two dedicated Patient elevators for immediate transfer of patients to the operative rooms and Intensive care units.

Centre for Children

The centre has dedicated Neonatal ICU(NICU Type-2) to provide special care to critically ill children and newborns. The centre is equipped with Vital sign Monitors, Photo therapy unit and Warmers.

Centre for Critical care

Special technical features in out ICUs include;

  • Wall mounted pendants, which ensure that the space around the patient is not cluttered
  • Dedicated imaging machines Sonography, 2D Echo and X-ray. These minimize the time taken for the diagnosis.
  • Haemodialysis machines with RO (Reverse Osmosis) systems that enable us to dialyse any patient without having to shift the patient to another bed or department
  • Latest ventilators and patient monitors
  • The ICUs have HEPA filters that ensure the best possible air quality to minimize the risk of infections

Centre for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Some key medical technologies at the centre include Hi-tech Gym equipment, Diathermy machines, Traction machine, Microcontroller based Simulators, Body-Weight Support Treadmill, Static bike and IFT units.


The clinic houses state-of-the-art equipment, dental chair, RVG (Radiovisiography unit), and high quality dental materials to carry out various surgical and restorative techniques.

Sterilization, hygiene and safety are of prime concern, and the protocol followed is of international standards. All instruments are put through a strict regimen of ultrasonic cleaning and autoclaving at the CSSD (central sterilization department) of the hospital.

The highest grade of disposables and consumables are used. There are separate rooms for clean and dirty utilities, as well as for storage. Infection control is an issue of the highest priority, as safety of our patients and staff is our main concern. The environment is one of cleanliness & hygiene, with a pleasant, comfortable ambience. The staff is friendly, courteous and well-trained.

Various dental procedures like general dentistry, preventive dentistry, periodontics (gum treatment), prosthodontics (dentures, crowns, bridges), oral surgery, removable orthodontics, implants, paediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry etc are offered by our highly trained and experienced doctors to ensure preservation of your natural teeth in an optimum healthy state for life.


The Department is equipped with latest equipments like:

  • Hi-tech Microscope
  • Audiometer with latest technology
  • Otoscope
  • Light source for navigation

The department has indeed the most modern and state-of-the art technology at disposal for complete care for its patients.


We are equipped with the following state of art equipments to assist us in diagnosing various eye diseases and treating them:

  • Varient Digital Visual Charts
  • Autorefractometer
  • AutoLensometer
  • Fundoscope
  • Autoscope
  • A - Scan


GE BrightSpeed* Elite with ASiR (Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction) commitment to delivering high-image quality with lowered dose with Hewlett Packard Xtream computer systems. The new technology, delivers up to 40% reduction in radiation dose along the entire body with no compromise in image quality. With ASiR, the BrightSpeed Elite can deliver scanning performance equivalent to an 8 MHU tube system. In addition to lowered dose, BrightSpeed Elite with efficiency improvements. An enhanced operator console and table design can improve workflow capabilities.

Maximize throughput

BrightSpeed Elite allows you to scan at lower mA, for equivalent image quality. Therefore exams Throughput can be increased as stress on the tube & generator is reduced. You can choose to avoid tube cooling so there’s less time between exams.

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